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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Counting down the days

Help save one of this Little Orphan Rock Babies from ending up on the streets. Donate Today and help save 2 Orphans.
Gotcha Day is just weeks away and so much to do during these final weeks. 
We will begin our travels on March 19th and all that now is remaining are the Airline Tickets to be purchased.  Our current need is $4600 for our Tickets to travel. Donations can be made direct by clicking the Donate Button.  We have only 2 weeks to raise the remaining funds to travel. Hotels are covered and all agency fees have been paid. Again your donation will be used towards Airline Tickets.  
Today if you donate $10.00 or more we will send you a Free Orphan Rock Baby..

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Travel Date and Gotcha Day

$10.00 per Orphan Baby With Free Shipping & a Great Easter Gift.
The time has finally came and this next month we will be picking up the kids. There is still airline and hotels to arrange and raising the final funds to travel. I will have a final date this week and be able to post our travels plans but till then we have raise the final hotel fees.  We have still many Orphan Rock Babies needing a home so donate on our FSP or Paypal account attached.  God bless and thank you for your kindness and prayers.

Friday, February 22, 2013

18 MONTHS and a few weeks to go..

It has been 18 months, and 18 months that will soon be just another blink of time.  Through these many and I mean many days that have passed I have cried, stressed, worried and have been blessed.  I also through out of these ups and downs gained and lost. My heart was broken and sad through losing someone I deeply cared about.  I will forever in my heart never stop loving her nor forget her. And I pray one day things would someday be again.

Our Little Man "JAKE"
As I check and recheck the cost of flights I soon discover nothing stays the same. Prices only continue to rise and as time is clicking away so are these days that have passed.  I want to start calling Zack by his new name. "JAKE" Named after my father in law James and father Kenneth.  So we combined them both and as a nickname "JAKE" we decided on.  Not just a name but a new beginning for our precious SON.  As the word son rolls off my tongue and through my lips such a great feeling just saying this word.

In just a few days the youngest of our babies is turning five years old. Little Jake will once again have another Birthday, his fifth one in an orphanage. Once again this will be just another day for him.  Praying his orphanage does something to let him know this is his Birthday and also he will soon has his new family there in bringing him home. I learn that many times with funds most orphanages are unable to give these children the little extras.

Jake is non-verbal so he does not speak. From time to time he may try and make a sound but usually he is quiet but he is observes everything around him. I recall in one visit he pointed at some birds and smiled.  It was one of the first times I saw him happy.  During the first visit it seem he was so sad and pale.  I thought to myself what would his life be like if he would remain?  Knowing first he would be separated once again from siblings and then alone.  Both him and his sister have other siblings.  I do not know anything about them but they were healthy and kept.   Jake is a very sweet and loving little man and I can tell he needs some one on one attention.  At age 4 years he started walking and like a small toddler he tip toes from one end to another with hands in the air. Jake loves to be held. It seems during our visits arms in the air for Patrick.  For some reason he just attached to Patrick.  Bonded as Brothers during first visit.  I know once home these two will be buddy and buddy forever.

I have decorated our kitchen in Mickey Mouse and when he comes home we will celebrate his Birthday. I found a Mickey Mouse for him to have sitting on his bed waiting for him.  Daily as I walk through the house I try and not stop by their rooms because it only upsets me during this wait. It has been hard so hard to a point I prayed to where my knees ache.  My heart ached.. I know our Lord will watch over them both but as a Momma I only worry. I worry whether they ate or are they healthy today. CF is not a illness to take lightly. I have spent most of these months in study.  I have been trained and both Gary and I are prepared to deal with any issue they may arrive with their health needs.  Their adjustment I pray will be a good one.  I know at first there will be times through pass adoptions this is not something a family should rush. I want these children to learn we will always be there.  But with almost 6 months between visits I know they will wonder why we left them after the last visit.  The one part of our adoption I hated this phase of waiting.  I can not express to others doing an adoption to prepare your heart for days of worries and pain. For I can tell you this was not easy and this adoption was probably the worse adoption I had to worry with.  I worried on funds, paperwork, timing you name it.  This was not easy nor will I ever forget these days that passed.  In the next weeks to come I have to arrange travel date. But this can only be done after we are cleared by our agency to travel.  All agency fees are now made.  Only Airline, hotel fees we need to worry with.  I once again ask our Lord for the final needs for this.  I also pray his time passes quickly.

Back to my biggest heartache. I pray once again for my heart to heal with the lost a piece that has been broken away.  A section that I have grieved on and miss. This is something I will always cry over and over with.  No matter how many days should pass I will never feel the same. In life we find someone we become very dear to. And sometimes things happen and sad to say like a death it can be easily take from one. Praying really hard that our Lord finds away to add in some comfort..

During these last weeks before travel I ask everyone share our blog and ask everyone to please purchase a Adoption Rock.  These little Orphan Babies are helping us in bringing in the last funds we need for airline tickets and travel.  Again I ask for prayers and good health for all my family and friends during this last of this hard winter... Amen

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Purchase an Orphan Baby Rock and funds will go towards our Airline Tickets

We are at the final stage of our adoption.  
AND It is GOTCHA DAY:O)**We are raising the funds for Braska and Zack's Airline Tickets home.  Two children's tickets are around $650.00 each and one adult ticket is about $1500.00 So this means a lot of Orphan Rock Babies to adopt out..  You can donate directly on our Paypal or Reeces Rainbow FSP account.  God bless and thank you for your love and support..

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine Orphan Baby Rocks

Here are some photos of our recently adopted Orphan Baby Rocks. And the wonderful thing is that there are many Orphan Babies waiting for their new homes.  Many people may think this is just be a rock or a stone.  But each Little Rock we have collected is one Orphan that remains in the care of an Orphanage.  And through your kind purchase this purchase will help in bringing our children home. All Orphan Babies are $15.00 this week **but will include rush shipping and a Valentine Card for your love one.  You can send your payment through our PAYPAL with your address and a note where you wish your Orphan Baby Rock to go. **Please remember we are raising these funds to bring our two little ones homes and every purchase helps in bringing our babies home. Time is running out and we need to travel quickly..God bless & Thank You

This little guy found a home in VA.

And some of these guys went to their home in Hawaii.

Off to Montana a few of these little ones went.

And some of them went to England & Canada.

We have Orphan Baby Rocks going everywhere and to many families.

Don't be the only family without an Orphan Baby Rock.

Each Rock has a story behind it and it also holds the heart of two waiting orphans. Also each rock was carefully chosen and handcrafted to by previously Orphans from Russia, Ukraine & Bulgaria.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Day in Paradise

Each and every day my husband's favorite phrase is "just another day in paradise."
He uses this phrase over and over and over.
With a smile it rolls off his tongue.
My husband has no worries.. Maybe because he is a man or that he is good about hiding his feelings.
Me on the other hand I am a worrier.  I worry about a lot and a lot of times I have to stop and remind
myself to hand these worries over to our Lord.  Lately my worries were raising the funds for our adoption.

 With unexpected medical and other unexpected fees this has caused us many delays.
The pass several days I have not blog nor I posted for needing funds and during this time we have needed
these the most.  Like most families we are like them we have to raise some of our funds. And no better
reason to beg than to beg or your child or children.  Very sad when a person comes to this low in begging.
I remember the first time I met someone begging I was 7 years old in Alabama.  An older woman was begging for some change in front of a grocery store for something to eat. Growing up on a farm we always had food.. Because we grew most all our food.  So my mother carried over a basket of vegetables and some fruit. It was then I knew we had to be there for one another in this world.

Something about Braska photo and her story and her brother Zack's story.  As I vision them both being separated and both living with CF I thought how these children must feel.  And what they must be dealing with and one day be pulled apart from one another. I could not imagine first off living in an orphanage more or less with a sibling and one day they were gone. Not this is not fair nor is life some days.

Lately these pass few weeks I learned a lot of about life.  You think being my age I have seen all and been through days of pain and worries.  I have develop friendship from all so many people whom I never personally met. As I now today feel like that older woman in Alabama begging for my children to come home.  I have sat down and budget and planned.  But it seems when you plan the most it is not just the funds you need to worry about it is the grief from others that is included in the worries.  If I could only open up others hearts and fill them with my own heart at this moment they would cry beside me. 

In October I realize our Lord has plans in a direction I am having a hard time with.  Seeing one of my children ill and helplessly nothing I can do but pray and wait.  At this moment I am handing all these worries to our Lord funds and all.  For my heart, stomach and head can not deal with these no longer..
I learn in life there is nothing in life than comes with out a price or a worry.

Let me stop and pray.. And I ask everyone else to remember to pray also..