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Monday, December 31, 2012



Another year has passed us by and we will shortly be traveling to bring our children home.  Now we are working on the last part of our adoption the pickup trip.. And before we can pickup our children there are
final agency fees due and then saving the travel fees to bring them both home.  Currently we have saved towards their medical exams and in-country food.  The main portion of fundraising is our Agency of $12,750 Hotels $1400 and Airline tickets of $5400.00 2 adults round trip and 2 children one way home.  So right at $19,550.00 total needed to save and raise within the next two months.   Keep our family in your prayers for 2013 for our little ones and a quick homecoming.....

Thursday, December 27, 2012

3 Days left to raise the funds

Our family has less than 3 Days to raise the remaining $555.00 to send our Agency.  OUR FSP reads $7600 and needs to read $8155. We had sent our Agency $5,000 and still remaining is $1500 that we promised for a court date.  This $1500 we will give this amount to our Agency as a Promise for our recent court date.  We need to send in the $1500 prior to the end of December.

After these fees we will need to raise the  remaining agency fees of $13,305.
Once these fees are paid we will be given a travel date.
***Again we will still not be able to travel to bring our children home until all Agency Fees are paid in full. The orphanage is willing to work with caring for the children until we raise their ransom to be released.  Hard to understand money will stand in the way of both of them traveling home.  But I have ask our Lord to please-please help us during this time.  In my dreams I see $$ signs bouncing around my head. Each night I pray hoping I wake to a miracle in our family's FSP. Again please pray, donate and advocate for all adopting families and orphans... God bless

1:14 AM

It is 1:14AM and I am still awake and working on ways to bring in the funds to bring in the last of our Agency Funds and travel Funds. AS of this minute we are needing $13,305.00 for our Agency so we can be scheduled a Travel Date. 
Without these funds our children will remain till these final funds are given.  Once all Agency Funds are met we will be arranged Our SP page reads $7600 and we need to bring this to $20,905 to cover all Agency Fees. 

Help us save our children and bring them both home.

We need the final agency funds and travel fees, please share our adoption blog...
God Bless
BRASKA and ZACK for the Davis family — LA|Reece's Rainbow Adoption Ministry
Gary and Denise Peddington Davis met as children in 1968 in England. They grew up as childhood s

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12:07 AM

It is 12:07 here in Louisiana and tonight or should I say this morning my heart is thinking about our little ones. I have ask our Lord once again to please help us with the funds to bring the kids home.  The weather is now cold here and possible snow ahead of us. Everyone around us is getting ill and yet we still have to advocate and pray even harder to bring in these funds.  I spent most of last night thinking of what Christmas our children may have had.  Did they even know there was a holiday or a Christmas?  Has anyone told them yet they are adopted and will be coming home soon?  Each time I think of them I worry about the funds we need to make it happen.  We are saving and saving and advocating with each and every breath. I miss my children what more can I say, I now lay awake thinking of them and pray and pray for a miracle.

Monday, December 24, 2012

My Christmas Wish For This Year

Photo: Thank you to my amazing friend, Lucille <3
My prayer and wish for this year is for this one little boy.       Each night I have been praying for little Ethan and tonight I am praying that on our beautiful  Christmas Day Ethan has his miracle in healing. Please I ask everyone for a prayer for Little Ethan.  May his family find comfort in knowing our Lord is watching over him as he sleeps. Praying above for a Christmas Miracle.....:O000

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Bless Day

As I sit here looking at all the cookies, candy and cakes we made over the last few days in a matter of just one day it will all be eaten.  Hours and hours of planning on what food to prepare and sweet to cook everything is finally ready for our Blessed Day.  Earlier on this Christmas Eve Gary and I received the best gift ever photos of our two precious children Jake & Genie-Beane.  The days are quickly passing us buy and soon we will have them both home. 

On Christmas Day our local TV Station Channel 12 will air an Adoption Story of our children and our family trying to raise the funds to bring them both home. We currently need almost $20,000 to bring them home, most of this is remaining Agency Fee and the other Airline and travel fees.  Our prayers are that our local community will help us bring in the funds so we are able to travel in January or February.. If not we will have to wait and pray some more.

Photo: Merry Christmas!!
Our Lord has been so good to us through out this journey in our adoption.  But with so many obstacles fighting us along the way we have placed our Faith in knowing these children need us and we need them.
Photo: Merry Christmas!!  I just had to post both their photos again because I was so happy to see them both.  I love these children and they are a big part of our family's hearts. We have now waited almost a Year & A Half since we committed to them.  And not one day we did not think of them both.  Many days I would wonder just what they were doing and how they were.  We were told that the caregivers moved their little beds side by side.  They have bonded so closely together I could not imagine them being separated from one another.  It is hard to know that this happens with a lot of brothers and sisters when they turn 4 they are divided and sent in opposite directions.  Hard enough being in an orphanage but being alone.  Brothers and sisters should stay together when all possible.  But in most countries funds and limited resources most of these little children suffer.  Especially the children that are special needs children.  CF is a serious condition and requires a lot attention and medical care.  Both children need constant around the clock medications and therapy.

We were ask during our interview "Why did you decide to adopt international and why these two children?"
Also knowing they had CF and can possibly die.  Why should these children suffer alone or die alone?   Especially when they can be loved and live a life being a child.  These children will now have parents older brothers and sisters they will be cherished and pampered.

In this world there are over 180 MILLION ORPHANS.  And now there are two less from this total.  Not just a number on a piece of paper but a child,  A Child of our Lord.  Believe me we are not rich nor close to being rich.  We set forward into this adoption with just a few dollars and each day paid what we could.  Daily we would pick pennies up to add to their Adoption Fund.  On weekends we started skipping eating out, cutting our own hair, clipping those coupons over and over.  This Christmas much of our presents we made by hand by knitting or sewing.  My hands some night hurt from knitting hats to sell for our hotel stay.  But we will get these funds some way some how.  As our family stands outside stores advocating for the remaining orphans we try to encourage other families into adopting.  I am a very strong supporter of adopting and also adopting families.

As the hours count down it is now Christmas in Bulgaria.  Our children...Let me retype this "OUR CHILDREN" lay asleep another Christmas waiting for their family to come get them.  Another Christmas
Braska & Zack's Christmas Presents
behind the walls of an orphanage.
Braska & Zack's Christmas Presents
We sent two small monkey's for each of them. It was not much but probably all they received this Christmas.
Next Christmas we will be reading to both of them "The Story of Baby Jesus."  They will know the true meaning of Christmas and how our Lord brought us to them.  I know through Faith we were blessed to found our children.   I know in the days before we pick up these two children I will be so filled with Butterflies as I am today seeing their precious photos.  I only wished I could have been able to tuck them into bed and kiss them goodnight and whisper to each of them Merry Christmas.  There will be next year for kisses, bedtime stories and many nights of holding them tight.  But for now I send my prayers for them and a Merry Christmas.  Love Gennie & Jake's Momma

Updated Photo Of Our Little Ones

Photo: Merry Christmas!!
Jake December 2012
Photo: Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Braska-GENIE & Zack-JAKE

BRASKA and ZACK for the Davis family

Gary and Denise Peddington Davis met as children in 1968 in England. They grew up as childhood sweethearts and also best friends. Gary returned to the United States and joined the Navy shortly after highschool and was stationed on a US Navy Submarine. Meanwhile, Denise was furthering her education and became a Teacher. Gary and Denise’s love for each other continued and they finally married in 1992. During their 19 years of marriage they have welcomed 6 biological children and 3 adopted children. They have been involved in orphan ministry for twelve years and during that time adopted Makayla who is now thirteen and came home in 2001 and Patrick, now age eleven, who came home in 2002. In 2011 the Davis family welcomed their youngest daughter Chrissie home from Bulgaria. They learned about Chrissie through Reece’s Rainbow. After adopting Chrissie, both Gary and Denise knew that their next child or children would be listed on Reece’s Rainbow and they looked forward to falling in love with future additions to their family.
When Gary and Denise left Bulgaria, their hearts stayed with some of the precious children that remained. One set of children that pulled at their hearts was a sibling group of two children whose names were Braska and Zack. These sweet kids have a condition called Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF is a genetic disorder that affects the lungs and digestive system, making the children vulnerable to repeated lung infections, difficulties breathing, frequent chronic lung diseases and infections. Cf also causes malnutriousment due to lack of protein absorbing and serve pain in the abdomen. Both Braska and Zack have advanced CF and if left untreated their lives will be shortened and they will spend them in chronic pain. Both children will need lifetime medication and treatments to survive. Braska and Zack are also developmentally delayed and need to be in a family where they can receive the therapy and care they need to reach their full potential.
Gary and Denise are ready and willing to meet Braska and Zack’s needs and to welcome them into their family. However, they need your help to bring these precious children home. Adoption is expensive, as we all know, and the Davisfamily only just recently brought Chrissie home. This family is praying that God would provide and build their adoption fund so that these siblings can come home quickly. Will you help bring Braska and Zack home to their family’s waiting arms?
Follow the Davis family’s adoption journey on their blog and


Hard to believe now it has been almost a year and a half since we committed to the little ones.
Now we are trying to raise the funds to bring them both home and we need to raise these funds within the next month to 6 weeks.  Without these funds our children will have to wait to we raise these funds.  This means they will be held till we are able to pay off all fees both Agency and Travel Fees.

Our Adoption is now final and we do not want to leave them there waiting for us.  All that is holding us back is funds.

At this moment in funds we need:
$14,250 in Agency Fees  

   $4450 Airline Fees for pickup trip  ( 2 Adults and 2 children)
     $100.00 Medical Exam (2 Children & Meds ?)
   $1200 Hotel    (For Both Cities)                                         
($20,000.00 GRAND TOTAL Before we can bring our children home.)

Our Reeces Rainbow Account now reads $7,245 and needs to read $27,245.00. 

$1845 Used for Trip One (Airline Ticket)
$4800 Sent to our (Agency) in December plus & an additional $200 = ($5,000)
$5645.00  Grand total used
******Leaving us $580.00 in our FSP Account

So this means we need to raise at least $19,500 to $20,000 to travel.
And we have less than a month to 6 weeks to raise these funds.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Sorry it has taken so long to post the good news but the last few days we spent pinching ourselves.


On December 11th, 2012 we are proud to announce the adoption of our youngest little ones:
We welcome them both to our family with our arms open and our hearts full with love.
Braska new name will be:  Genevieve Marie Davis "Genie-beane" Nickname
&   Little Zack will be:       James Kenneth Davis "Jake-Mouse"  Nickname

With all the days of worrying and praying for this day it has finally arrived and our family can not be any happier.  We are so thankful to everyone who has prayed, fund-raised, and followed us through this amazing journey in our adoption.  y heart has been so full or happiness that I could not find the exact words to express just how our family is feeling during this wonderful time.

During the next few weeks we will need to raise the remaining agency funds and travel fees to bring them both home.  Without these funds our pickup trip will be delayed.
Again I ask for your prayers and support..

God Bless Gary & Denise Davis

Sunday, December 9, 2012

COURT DECEMBER 14th, 2012:O))

We are happy to say we have court on December the 14th at 9:30AM Bulgarian Time
and at 1:30AM Central Time in the US.  On this date a judge will decide whether or not
we will be the proud parents of Braska & Zack.  After over 1 year and 3 plus months our
attorney will represent our family in court.  Praying that these two little ones will be legally
our children and soon shortly afterwards be able to join our family.
Our next step is to raise the remaining agency fees and travel fees which total$18,000.00.
With out these fees our trip to pic up our children will be delayed until all funds are paid.
So I ask everyone to please share our adoption  blog with others in hopes of raising these
funds to bring our children home.  All donations can be deducted on your 2012 Taxes and
you can donate direct to our Reeces Rainbow FSP or direct on our blog through Paypal
which accept all major credit cards.  Checks can be directly sent to Reeces Rainbow for
Braska and Zack.
Please I ask everyone pray for our children and that we are able to raise these funds quickly.
God Bless

Sunday, December 2, 2012

One Penny can save a child's life and read how

Sounds crazy to some but through out my life if I saw a penny on the ground I would pick it up. I would it in my piggy bank and now my child's piggy bank. As the years have passed I would stop pick them up and say a prayer and place this one penny in an envelope for savings. This last year plus a few months I have collect well over $3.00 in pennies. All my grandchildren also running when they see a coin on the floor and soon our jar we have at home is almost full of just coins collected off the floor. In Walmart alone we have found over $5.00 or so just during this prior month from grandchildren. Well the other day my son and daughter brought over the children for a visit and guess what each child had over $30.00 or more in coins and their allowances they have saved for this entire year. I can not believe how 4 of my grandchild learned so quickly the value of a life. They each have a photo of Braska and Zack in their pockets and on their mantel over their fireplace. They tell their friends about their aunt and uncle they are going soon have. In each of my grandchildren's eyes I see what every child should see and do learn to share and love all children. Sometimes during these holidays most children think of toys and Santa when they go to Walmart. But at this one very moment my grandchildren are wanting to go to Walmarts to search for pennies on the floor... 

Christian #9 of the Grandkids

Canyon my nephew

The Crew of the Puddle Duck

Christian#9 and Devin #6

Camren #7 & Devin #6

 Kaitlyn #5 and Patrick

Camren, Katilyn & Devin

Makayla and Katie-Bug No#5
This is why I bake so many cookies each day!

And here is Camren No#7 and this is why I am always so darn tired.
  A happy tired:O)

My grandchild I have tried and also their parents that in this time we must learn not to waste anything.  But to also appreciate even the smallest of things. Today and I am going post a few photos of my grandchildren and save what joy I get from each of them.

Silly kids and I love them so much... So great to be a grandma and momma :O)