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Friday, November 30, 2012


This is Zack's Profile photo when we first saw him in November 2011

And Zack during a family visit September 2012
Yes it is 3:23 AM here in Louisiana and I am awake.  All my children are in bed and yet I can not close my eyes.  It has been a very difficult and trying week for me.  With so many worries in my head I ask our Lord over and over to please help me rest with no worry. It is difficult for me to not worry.  I ask our Lord that I am handing it all to him but I feel worthless at this moment knowing I can only do just so much.  There are just some things I know I can not do alone for I need help and guidance.  I have Faith the type of Faith I know our Lord does and will provide yet I can not help but worry.  I miss these little ones and like most mommas who are separated from their young they mourn in sadness.  Most of my time is spent providing for my family needs and the remainder I volunteer or I am at the hospital or a doctor with a kid. I am showing before and after photos of our children. Now tell me how can I walk away from these children.  Especially after we promised them we would come back.  How could anyone walk away and say good bye?  I miss my little ones to the point my stomach hurts inside. Each day they are both in my prayers and thoughts.  May this time pass us back quickly but not to quickly where we do not have enough funds.  I need sleep so of to bed to try one more time before I have to get up by 6:00AM.

This is the photo of Braska when I first saw her profile in August of 2011.

This is Braska in September 2012 during a family visit.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Waiting for Court

It feels as if it is more than a court date that I may have lost.Two precious children which we have grown to love we may lose.  Why because of not having the funds to bring them both home. Knowing that without the final funds we may have a delay in receiving a court hearing.  And we are still not sure exactly will take place until a court date is set. Again it is lack of not having enough funds when needed them and this could have us lose our children. And back they will once again sit on a list and wait.  After all the paperwork, all the worries and all the prayers it would be over.  No children to hold and no parents for our children.  This will be heart breaking for our family.  Not only having to update paperwork if there is a delay court date and starting paperwork all over would be costly.  The cost alone would be to much or our family to do and still yet now we have to raise the final travel fees.  Again should we not receive a date we will have to keep reassuring our agency's Board of Directors we are working hard on obtaining their fees.

Our family has came this far and these are our children and we can not walk away from them.  As a piece of our heart it will be like a death within our family.  Never will the other children get to hold or love these children.  They will remain and suffer through this illness of CF.

I know our Lord has plans but it is so difficult to know no matter how hard we worked it may not happen.
Why because lack of enough funds and not being able to secure them in time to continue.  I spoke with our agency and also our attorney and we were told we should be able to proceed or a court hearing.  This way we may be a little late bringing them home but they will be home.  It worries me that I know feel I somehow out of not my fault we had to use funds towards our children's medical travels and bills.  So now we are trying once again to save and figure away to get the remainder of agency fees.  Then work on travel fees to bring them both home.

 OH how I hate the lack of money when needed.  Especially when you save and save.  I cut corners on alot of things.  I make a lot of my children's clothes and toys.  My husband and I never purchase anything for ourselves only the children. It will work out I know, but in my head I ache thinking why did everything around me happen to start to go wrong. Not being my fault nor my children getting ill and then still yet it we have to start once again saving.. Much like a Louisiana Tornado which had came out of no where everything we work for is gone and leaving a lot of damage.  In this situation some people would give up and move. Others would rebuilt and others may sit and cry.  Okay now this is me, I have cried, I am looking around my home filled with small photos of these two children.  IF you know me I am one not to walk away and forget that I once held them both in my arms? Should I give up if a court date not be set?  And from this one Momma I just can not.  I would not give up this easy and have to fight and fight for these children.

I spoke with a friend tonight and she is also adopting but waiting to see her child.  She also has a road block in her adoption, like me she cried and is worried. As I spoke to her I tried to reassure her that everything would work out.  And to always keep Faith in our Lord.  For he will provide and he will guide.  As the words rolled off my tongue which has not drank water for days or ate I told her this:
 "Our Lord has placed his obstacle in our paths, or maybe the Devil in his hateful ways of hurting those who follow in our Lord's Footsteps."  For me with the lack of  funds & a friend with the lack of one piece of paperwork both our adoptions can end. 

As difficult as things may seem at this one moment I learned a very valuable lesson in love and friendship.  In a matter of just two days their were my friends who were there.  Not only there but help lift me up like an angel carrying me over these financial worries.  They helped raise over $2,000 in funds yet this is still not enough to cover everything.  But it will help not just with funds but with the stress of just worrying. 
All of these funds that have been raised this week will  be sent PRIORITY MAIL SUNDAY MORNING.
I will make a copy of this check to show Braska and Zack once they are older of how so many people cared about the both of them.

I will go through my home and collect every nickle, dime or penny and add this in a separate check to my agency.. This way I can work to help release these children from their ransom o living in an orphanage.  Oh how I hate to know we almost were at the point where funds ended our dream of parenting these children.
Over and Over I could kick myself in worry to where I feel so sick inside.  Oh Lord, I do not want money to be the cause of losing our children.  Especially when we fought so darn hard to get where we are to bringing them home.  I love these kids and I promised both of them we will be back and bring them home. With the oldest child he is so skinny and his bones show under his pants.  He needs his momma and poppa to hold and love him.  We will be there through every need and offer as any parent security of a home, family and endless love.

Okay so much for me preaching and griping about funds.  Because I am going work through this and find away to get them here quickly without delays.  We will not let them wait any longer and suffer in pain.  For their illnessCF is a difficult and painful illness to have.  I need  to close so I may pray and pray without distractions.  I have spent the last couple of months with one major life event after another.  So much happening out of my control and so I will pray and pray again.

I ask with each and every post as I come to an end with a good bye I  tell others to share our Adoption Blog not just for funds or prayers but just maybe it will open others eyes to adopt. If just one person reads my blog and adopt then it is one child saved. Oh Lord, I pray no other children live their entire lives waiting and then watching as their friends or siblings leave.  And Lord, I also pray for the ones that remain they are not cold or suffer.  And to the ones that are released on the streets alone they find comfort.  I pray for the ones who die before they are loved that they are remember not as a number. 

For 12 years I help write dossier for Ukraine.  Some nights I would sit up very late in the night assisting other families.  There were days I had little or no sleep but yet I helped all who ask for my help.  Again>>I made no money nor did I ask or any.  I figured I helped one family with the adoption of one orphan children find a home it would share their story and adoption with others.  And soon others would follow like it has.  Believe me I could be wealthy by all means and the money was not an issue. All I wanted was to see a child have a chance, a chance at a home and parents.  No amount of money is worth this and no matter how poor one may become it is a true blessing to see a child loved.  Each day I ask our Lord to give me the same blessing in return.. I ask him to help our family continue our adoption without any delays or due to lack of funds.  I pray for the funds daily to pay off these children's fees so I do not feel like a beggar.  But if that is what it takes at this moment I lay y knees on the floor and beg.

TODAY>>As I throw a penny into a water fountain at a hospital I made a wish.  Usually I give the coins or pennies to my children and have them wish.  Not only do I wish but I also pray that one day there will be no orphans and no child should ever be without a parent.  Also I pray each child ill be cured and may my children be cured.  IN our Lord's name I pray for this strength and his wisdom to carry and follow his words.  May I be strong and find away to bring these little ones home. Amen

Monday, November 26, 2012

If our Lord ask for help would you turn him away?

With a court date just right around the corner and still our family has final agency fees to pay.  Thinking I might still have time to raise these funds our time has ran out.  Our Agency's Directors is trying with all her heart to plead for our family to keep our upcoming court date.  She is a very kind and loving woman and has always been fair and understanding.  Much of the decisions for final payments and payments for families now rely on the Board of Directors.  There are no exceptions for any families at this moment.  With our family being behind on agency fees we may be forced to have a delayed court hearing.  This we will find out this week.  But if we are able to submit additional funds to secure a court date possibly Board Members will allow our family to continue with a court date.  Once court has been completed we will  need to have any and all remaining funds paid before our family can travel to pick up our children.

This week we are in need of at least $6504 on our Family's Account.  All of these funds will be given directly to our Agency in hopes they will allow us to be issued a court date.  Remaining funds we will continue to raise till all agency funds are paid so we can travel to pick up our children.  Both children are ill and having lung issues at this moment. So trying to raise these funds we must act quickly.  We have a matter of days to bring in these funds.  And then once a court date is issued we will be able to save and raise the travel fees or our final pick up

As careful as we were in saving for this adoption we used our savings on our two girls Makayla and Samantha.  Both girls have been in and out of the hospital for treatments and Makayla now has over 30 brain tumors.  These tumors are increasing and we are not sure what may occur in the future to come.  Makayla has been so excited about Braska and Zack's adoption and now we may have to have some delays.  And if we have a court delay we may have to update paperwork.  Meanwhile Zack, even if ill will be separated from his sister Braska.  One of the main reasons we chose this sibling group both children have CF and the chances of a family adopting two children with CF is slim.  At age 4 children are moved out of Baby Houses and main streamed into larger orphanages with adults.  Little Zack with his medical needs probably will not survive the winter.  I know you do not know these two children like our family has but they deserve to live. And also deserve to not suffer or die with out a mother or father to hold them.  Children with CF have little chances of a normal life and life much of their little lives in pain.  If this were your child would you let them suffer?  I ask and prayed to our Lord on the decision to adopt these two children.  And the answers were WHY NOT.  And why not these two children. They are precious in not just appearance but as precious in their tiny souls that will be lost.

This Christmas will be celebrated not with gifts but much like when we prepared for Chrissie's Adoption. As a family we all decided to focused  on Zack's and Braska's Adoption.  So we decided no presents from one another and chip in what we had in one big pot. Today I had received a call from my precious niece Tab who decided to donated to the newest members Adoption Fund. Tab had just had surgery and out of work but yet thought of the kids knowing she had bills and children of her owe to purchase Christmas for. How precious family is.

If it were baby Jesus laying in a bed and need funds would you then give?  Would you save his life? Our children Braska and Zack deserve a chance a life, parents and a home.  I know you probably hear from other families that giving saves a child's life then you are not only saving a life but a soul. These two children our Lord have create need us, they need you, they need everyone.  Sometimes to save a child it takes the hearts of many.  So we need you heart to help us through this time.  I am a crier for I cry for my family.  And I cry for these two children.  I do not want them to perish knowing it is all because of money.  These two children like all children deserve  family.  As my husband Tim laid dying all he could say was to keep our family together. As hard as it was for a single mother, a very young widow and mother of two babies I fought.  I fought and struggled like most single moms.  This was not my chose to say good bye to my husband and watch him slowing die.  And prior to his death we buried our twins.  Yes I have suffered but yet I have been blessed a million times over.  I want these children to receive the same chance or blessings.  I want them to be held during the times they are ill and comforted.

When our Makayla was in the hospital all I could think of was if I could trade places with her.  Take away her pain she is suffering. and it is the same with these two children.  Through out our home it is filled with photos of these two little ones. And I want Makayla to be able to know and hold them like I was able to in September.  I thought about how she may never get to touch her little sister or brother and tell them about her dreams. Every child has a dream and want a future.  My daughter Makayla dream was completed when she was blessed into our family and has parents that would walk over hot coals. I can not tell you the mount of time in my life I have laid on a small bed near my children and as my husband worked so we could care for there needs.  It is not easy to adopt a special needs child and some special needs children are more fragile than others. I hate these darn BRAIN TUMORS but yet it has made me love this young lady even more. It makes me appreciate and blessed to have been able to mother her. Each day I pray she is able to become a woman.  I only wished she could have been able to mother. As a little girl she would hold her baby dolls and kiss them on the head. Her life has been from day to day in medical worries.

This week I tried not to go into the rooms we have been preparing for our children. Maybe afraid that I would not be able to see them both again.  Or that I let them down that we would return.  Yes in time they probably will forget us but I know inside they may remember the days we spent holding them both and loving them also. Everything inside their rooms came from another one of our children. Bears from my grandchildren, dresses from my girls, dresses and blankets I made with my hands.  And on days they hurt and in pain I kept sewing.  Both Gary and I are older parents but inside our bodies we are filled with love and have all so much to still give and offer additional children.  Most people are age are thinking retirement but we are thinking of the future of these children.  So we keep ourselves healthy and pray each day for our own health.  This last weekend Gary helped built the kids some wooden toys.  Through the eyes of a man I have known for over 50 years I watched as he carefully assemble these toys. As the paint was applied I watched his eyes light up for he loves these children as much as I do. As we chose the paint for the walls and I made the curtains to be hung I prepared for their home coming.  Like most mothers do when they carry their children in their bodies.

I could sit here and read scripture after scripture from our Bible. And carefully write each and every word down for someone to read.  Honestly anyone can write what they read or remember what they read.  But everything I say our Lord has enlighten in my heart.  And when I write I write my true feelings.  Some days filled in excitement but lately filled in tears and fear of not knowing what may occur.  Hard to understand when it is the life of two children that Board Members can decide whether they can wait or permit a family to continue their adoption,  So many families right now in their final stages of adoption who are lacking funds.  Being my last couple of years involved hospitals stay and doctor's visit it is hard to have friends or just ebing able to stop in raise the much needed funds.  I have never been one to ask for help and with each word I write I write in tears and the fear of losing my children.  I love these children and my heart now morns for them each day.  Hard for a mother to let go of her little one and know they ay have failed.  I understand how one other mother is feeling and her family is feeling with these delays.  More than losing money it is losing part of your heart, your child or children.  Why we weep we weep because our hearts have an empty spot that can not be filled till her children are safe and in her arms.  I still recall the smell of the children as I rubbed their tiny heads.  And on Zack's head it is covered in scars and hair missing in  places.  Why it is like this no one will say.  I wanted to grab this little boy and our little girl and run through these doors.  How could I say goodbye and tell them I will be back and not knowing now.  Oh my heart is buried in the midst o an ending pain.  A pain that only a mother feels when she says goodbye to her children. 

When I had my twins they were so small and I was so ill. I did not get to hold them in my arms only memories of the small movements that flutter in my womb.  And now remains fluttering in my heart.  People may say how can you love two children you have only held for a few days.  I held these children inmy heart before I knew the both of them and even before I held them I loved them.  I know our Lord had decided these two precious souls would be my little ones, our little ones, our precious children.  As I held the hands of my children's tiny hands I could feel their fingers holding tighter. Each day they would hold on ust  little more and more.  And on the last day having to let go my heart felt as if it skipped a beat and almost stopped.  I will never be the same and I am not the same.  I will fight for my children, I will find away to bring them home.  As I ask our Lord to bring hope in my heart and the funds in our account I beg and pray to all.
Please in your heart look at the photos of these children.  Like most children they love to be held and now knowing I may never hold them again it is hard.. Please keep our family in your prayers and please I ask you share our blog with others during this time or excitement and worry. God Bless.

Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Save onYour Family's Nightly Meals and Medical

How to eat Davis Style to Save some Funds

With Gary working nights it is cheaper to eat out some of our meals and to save towards our adoption here is what I I do some weeks.

**MONDAY**Kentucky Fried Chicken :Chicken FriedSteak Meal $1.99

**Tuesday** Sonic: Sonic Burgers 5 for $5.95

**Wednesday**Wing Wednesday .40 cent each wing

**Thursday** Captain D's Kids Eat FREE

** Friday** Little Casears Pizza  $5.00 pizzas of Family Pack 4 Pizzas, Coke and Crazy Bread

** Saturday** Cracker Barrell   EVERYONE"S CHOICE:O))


During my trips to the grocery store I use coupons.  This week I spent over $580.00 and after coupons I save $353.87 making my bill right out about $230.00.  This includes dog food, cat food, litter, cleaning products, shamppo, dairy products and a good stock of meats and vegetables.

I have went into Krogery sometimes and spent close to $800 and saved over $600 at a time.  Never once have I left a store without saving $100 or more in coupons etc..

Most of my purchases are done over the internet where I compare prices on everything I buy, especially major purchases.  It is easy to price compare items prior to purchasing. I buy all my children's shoes and jackets when it is buy one get one free.  Or I buy all clothing during off seasons.  If I do not buy it cheap the I make it. Never once have I paid for shampoo, because I buy it in bulk with coupons and stocked up.. The same way with diapers, formula etc..

Trying to save as much as possible towards our adoption and also funds for Gas for medical trips and hotels. With medical bills I try and stay within our insurances network.  And when it is out of Network I contact the Doctor's Medical Staff to work out a way to keep without our 100%.  I budget out of our income 10 % just for medical needs and income lost during the year if needed.  With special needs children there is usually one child in the hospital during the year.  So we plan vacations to cover our adoptions and hospital stays. we try and save all allow time for emergencies and if there is a roll over in vacation time we are able to use it then for a vacation.  At this moment all funds are for our Adoption and Medical, no extras during this period of time.  For Christmas we spend this time celebrating Christ's Birthday and our Family being together.  Which is very hard for such a large family spread across the world.  with 9 children and 12 grandchildren we have to plan ahead to have everyone here and a place for everyone to bed.

With a court date nearing and travel shortly afterward we will need at least $5,000 for travel.  This does not include what is needed for our agency fees.  Everything in life has a price and Adoption is costly.  Even with savings and planning families do come short.  And as much planning as our family has done unexpected things have happen making our adoption worries more.  I pray each night for our Lord to guide us through this maze of worries both Adoption and Medical..  In my heart there is no better worry than the lives of these children... My heart weeps some nights knowing it is hard and very difficult to raise the funds when one child is sick and time is short each day.  So I pray and advocate for our adoption.. Again I ask everyone to share our Adoption Blog and Braska and Zack's Story with others.  These two children need a home, a family who will love them and provide the medical they need.  Their medical involves a lot of care by many doctors.  Our Insurance will cover these children but bringing them home is our main worry at the moment.  Once here we will provide.. Again I ask for your help and prayers... God Bless

Sunday, November 18, 2012


With such a beautiful day today and just a hint of cold weather ahead of us.  Winters in Louisiana are never the same, some winters we were wearing short sleeve shirts and the others cold rain and wind through much of the days.  This week all of our children are out of school and we will be trying to fit in as many doctors appointments as possible.

Each of my grandchildren presented me with paper turkeys they had made from school.  I have several of them in purple and gold.  LSU TURKEYS I guess. :O)) Funny how a school can put dry beans and macaroni to use on every picture my grandchildren make. And in the middle of the night only to find out the cats have eaten off all of the dry beans and macaroni :O)) Darn cats..

Today I checked our RR account and still it has not went up and also our chip in still remains at $0 so I am off to trying to figure out away to raise these funds for our second trip.  Today the hot water heater went out and another set back on things that need replacing. Cheapest one $976.00 installed.  Oh my, and we have to have the hot water so we have no choice but to dip back into the funds we are saving.  Praying some good news for this next week.

Not feeling so well at this moment and a little bit overwhelmed with everything happening around me.  Tonight I am just going drink some peppermint tea and pray.. 
Please if you are reading my blog pray for all orphans and may they be bless with parents to love them....

Saturday, November 17, 2012

One Year-Two Months-Four-Weeks & Two Days

Time is passing by so quickly and it has been a year since we did our written commitment and over a year and a half since we decided to adopt both Braska and Zack.  With each day that passes it is one day closer to when we are there.  Little beds waiting to be added to their rooms and the smell of fresh paint fills the house.  Washing and folding their little clothes and adding to their dressers.  Hard to believe that the small package of socks will one day be on our little son and the little hair bows will be on little Braska.

Currently we are at the stage of our adoption where we wait for a court date.  Soon we will be able to countdown the days and much of our worries will be finally over. No more worries about finding the funds to complete our adoption and the stress of running for documents will finally take a break.  One of the biggest worries I have learn was raising funds and next the paperwork.  I am not a very good person at waiting and worrying.  I worry and I hate to wait so why I decided to hand these worries to our Lord.  I know he will guide us through fundraising.  And praying also to obtain the final agency fees and travel funds. Adoption is costly and no matter the cost these children are worth millions in our eyes.

Today we completed our daughter Chrissie's 3th Post Placement Report since joining our family.  I could not imagine being without her.  Not having her sweet smiles and giggles.  Our Social worker  is such a wonderful person who is also minister at Holy Cross. Don and his wife Margaret have been assisting families in adopting for close to 40 years.  They have assisted 1,000 of families over the years and has completed 5 home studies for Gary and I..  So if you live in Bossier or Shreveport this is the agency you need to use. :O))

As our weather in Louisiana is with falling leaves and also falling pecans and also Thanksgiving just ran around the corner.  The smell of the holidays\cooking is filling our home and all our children and grandchildren prepare for the most wonderful holiday of the year Christmas.  It is not a holiday we celebrate for presents or gifts but one of the greatest days of the year being together.  All the grandchildren and children sharing laughter and love..

This year we decided  that our family remember the true meaning of Christmas the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  May this day of birth of our Savior be one filled with our family's love and being together. But also sharing the upcoming arrival of Braska and Zack.. And now also our littlest member little Kayden Clemons Ashenbrenner.

Please I ask everyone who reads our blog to donate to our Children's Adoption Fund  on the Paypal Link attached.  Or you can receive a Tax Credit on your this year's taxes.  So the more you donate the bigger the credit you will receive.  And you will also help in bringing to wonderful children home.  You can also see our family on Reeces Rainbow  for the Davis family of Louisiana for Braska and Zack.
currently our family shows $2,000 but all but $133 was used on our first trip.  So we only have a balance o $133 to use, so please I ask you help us during this time.  Our Airline Tickets are quoted at $4500 and travel right at $1500. So we will need $6,000 just to make this second trip. So please share our blog in hopes we will have the needed funds to bring them both home.

We should be hearing in about 4 weeks a date for court and 2 to 3 weeks later bring them both home. So we have only two months to raise $6,000 and we need plenty of prayers and support from everyone. Again thank everyone who has helped our family and God Bless, The Davis Family for Braska and Zack :O))

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In God's Timing

I started to write this post and then I had to stop and run out the door of our home.
So many days have passed and honestly I did not have the heart to post these words. 
Trying to hold back the tears as I typed I know this year everyone's lives around us is quickly changing. 

My sister Teresa's husband now in a coma and still  fighting to live.  Each day I watch as he lays and my sister cries in another hospital room. As I daily pray for him I know our Lord has other plans and I pray for my sister. The hardest part of about this is my sister is also ill and can not be there to hold her husband's hand.  She is so afraid he will die without her being able to say goodbye. Shortly he will join many of my love ones in Heaven.  I know Heaven as beautiful a place as it is I hate to say good bye.

In the midst of my sister and her husband's illness this last week my father also had a heart attack. Running from hospital to hospital and from room to room I dread walking through each door. With the holidays approaching it will be difficult for our family.  With our sweet Kitty leaving us it is especially hard on the children.  Trying to explain to them why we die and where our souls go when they leave this earth.  They understand there is a Heaven but yet this is new to each of them. As we lay our precious Kitty in the ground I explain to them how our Lord gave us this sweet Kitty and now it was time for her to be in Heaven.  Maybe our sweet Kitty's passing is away our Lord is preparing them for the days ahead. I explain to each of them that death is not a punishment nor is it a final ending when we lose someone or something we love.

Our precious Makayla is out of the hospital and back to school for just 3 hours per day.  Her brain tumors have now increased to over 30 and many of them are now pressing on her optic nerves.  She is slowly losing some vision and with our next visit to the Neurologist I pray that there is something they might can do.  But seeing her smiling and back to school I know she is happy at this moment.  Hard as a mother to just sit back and watch her tumors progress and the next step will be radiation.  Praying that these tumors do not develop into cancer and so far over the years we have been blessed. I can see my sweet child tiring and I think  back of everything and every day.  Some days I remember just praying that she could be able to walk, then dance and also talk like other little girls.  Crossing my fingers as the years would pass by and praying that this was all a dream.  Hard to shallow some days the words tumors and cancer.  Words no parents should ever have to say.  But today as I watch a child who did not walk or did not talk, dance across the floor.  Our Lord provides miracles and gives miracles.  We were told our sweet child would only be with our family till age 5, then age 8 and now she is 14 years old.  And in a few months she will be 15 years old.  She talks about high school and like most young girls a boyfriend.  I think about what would it be like when she would become a mother and knowing this may only be a dream for me.  When she was a young child she would rock her babies as I rocked her.  And when she was ill I held her close and rocked and rocked.  As self fish as I am I want to keep my child, I want to see her grow and I want her to see me old.  And her sit beside me as I rock on my porch on a Sunday evening.  Many days I can still smell the baby lotion I rubbed on her small feet and now she is wearing perfume. May how time has pass and pass so quickly.  I would say I want to turn back the clock so I can continue to hold her for another 12 years but I have been blessed to have been her mother.

There has not been a day since September we have not talked about Braska and Zack. Like with Makayla's illness they are also fragile children.  Knowing yes they need love and also need a home.  I want them to know Makayla and also Makayla to know them both.  The other day Makayla and Chrissie went through some of their things.  With money so tight t the moment much of this is going towards medical and the other to our adoption of the little ones.  This Christmas like with the Christmas we prepared for Chrissie to join our family we decided to just put the little bit of money we have towards this adoption. When we were adopting Chrissie I told all my grandchildren that our Lord had a very precious gift for each of them.  It is not a gift we can wrap in colorful paper, nor a gift delivered by Santa.  With the birth of Baby Jesus during his arrival our earth received the most precious gift that could be given his love.  And what better gift than to bring a new member to our family and this was our precious Chrissie.  Over 18 months have passed and now one again this Christmas our family is being blessed not with one but two children.  They will not only have parents to love them, but sisters, brothers, cousins, grandparents, a niece and 12 nephews.  Each day as they open their small eyes they will see a home filled with love and at night be tucked in a bed and kissed on their heads.

So many blessings we have been given in our family.  And even when one of our precious family members may depart and join our Lord we know one day we will once again be together.  Praying that the days ahead and the Thanksgiving Day we are about to share with our love ones is filled in Love.  May this Love be carried over from generation to generation.  Also may each of my children and grandchildren know how much I love them and that I am so bless to have been apart of each of their precious lives. I am blessed and I am loved by so many and I thank our Lord for these blessings.  For I can not say this enough how lucky I am to be a parent and a grandparent.

As this one night comes to an end it is cold outside but in this old house, our home it is filled with all so much love...............................................................................................

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Waiting once again

We are back in the waiting stage of our adoption.  The stage where our documents are waiting for the Minister of Justice signature and also to be assigned a judge & a court date. With our Article 5 Interview behind us this takes about 4 to 5 weeks so around December the 5th.  Now if a lot of prayers and a few more we might just have a date before this year ends. We are cutting it is close with this year ending and the days will pass quickly.  With our Adoption started in 2011 we will not be able to pick up our children until 2013. It seems like forever.  We first saw a photo of Braska in August of 2011 and her brother Zack in November 2011.  So it now has been a year since we signed all the necessary paperwork to secure both  these children and little Zack from being transfer to the older children's home.  At age 4 years all children are removed from the Baby Houses and then main streamed in with older children.  Many children separated from siblings and also from the care and medications they need to survive. 

With our first trip behind us in September we pray the days will pass so we can see our little ones again.  The last couple of weeks have been so difficult with Makayla's Brain Tumors and other family members in the hospital.  Our oldest daughter Samantha has been having difficulties in her pregnancy and life has been filled with doctors appointments with both older and young children.   This fund we will once again set out to do an local fundraiser and save the funds we need to travel.  We will need around $5500 for Airline tickets and $1500 for hotel and food total.. This does not include medical and the remainder agency fees..   OUR FSP on Reeces Rainbow is now back to $133.  It shows $2,000 but $1867 was used on our first trip.  So we are working hard trying to get the word out for help in bringing in the needed funds.  Attached on our Blog is a PAYPAL Account where funds can be directly deposit where we  can use immediately towards Airline Tickets as the time get closer.  If we don't have the travel funds we will have to delay travels to a later date in bringing our children home.

After we lost our precious Kitty Pumpkin it has been also difficult for the children.  This is Chrissie's first experience dealing with a major lost besides when we brought her home from the only home she ever knew.  It will take time for her to adjust to the lost of her Kitty.  She loved Pumpkin and Pumpkin loved Chrissie. Daily Pumpkin would wait at the window as her bus drove up and her pink wheelchair rolled off.  Once in the house she would jump in her lap.  I miss our sweet little Pumpkin. So very hard to lose someone you love and I loved this sweet cat..

As these days pass us by I ask you for prayers for our little ones. And as Thanksgiving nears I thank our Lord for leading us to them... God Bless

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our PreciousKitty Pumpkin

Today our precious Pumpkin went to Heaven.   We had just left our home to vote and our neighbors children had entered into our home and some how our precious Kitty had gotten out or was taken outside when the kids entered into our home.  Our neighbors had called and left a message on our answering machine.  When we entered our home our answering machine was beeping and Patrick had checked the messages where our neighbor said our cat was dead.  we do not know all the details or why these children had entered into our home. And for our neighbors to leave it on the machine we were all in shock. Pumpkin is not an outside Kitty and has not ever been out doors.  We had rescued her 6 years ago on Halloween Day from our Local Animal Control where they were about to put her to sleep.  We were donating cat food and when I saw her I had fell in love with her.  There was never a day she did not lay in my lap and purr.  She would rub her head against me each time she seen the children, Gary or me. To most people it may be only a cat or a Kitty but I loved this cat.  My children hearts are broken and they cried and cried,  If I had only locked our home but I did not think.  Why I did not and take the extra second to turn the key.  Within 15 minutes our precious Kitty was taken away.  I tried very hard not to cry in front of the children but I feel as if my heart has been ripped out. I love my Kitty and with each pet we have I am not just their owner.  This sweet cat has never hurt anyone or anything. Why did this have to happen and why now?  I know our Lord does not promise us forever life here on earth. But this sweet Kitty never hurt no one.  I know it may have been an accident with the children opening up our doors and carrying her outside to play with her.  But I am so upset with myself at this moment it is hard.  Please I ask our Lord once again to please guide me through these difficult days ahead.  With everything that has happen to Makayla this last week in the hospital, my sister, my older daughter and my precious brother in law it has been extremely hard.  I place all these worries into our Lord's hands and ask him to find comfort for my children that they understand.  I told each of my children and tomorrow I will need to tell our grandchildren that Heaven needs Kitties also. Pumpkin we will miss you and we love you...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Article 5 Interview

Today at 2:30PM Bulgarian time and 6:30 AM 
Our family had their Article 5 Interview which entitles both children Braska and Zack approval for a US VISA.  Our Article 5 Letter will be picked up within a few hours and to submitted to the MOJ for a signature. This signature can take 3 weeks or more before we are assigned a judge and a court date for our Adoption Hearing. With Christmas around the corner we will be praying all goes well and our Christmas Wish has been answered.  This week it will be one full year after committing to our children and we still have the wait after our court hearing of 10 days.  Once our 10 days have passed we next wait for our travel date. So please keep our family in your prayers this Christmas these two little children will officially have a family. A new last name, a new first name and a forever family to love them. 

Hard to believe a year has already pass and still we have a few months before we can travel. Our family really wished we could have them here for Christmas but next Christmas they will be here. Their next birthday they will have a cake and celebrate the first of their birthdays with a family who loves and will cherish them. It will be very hard knowing we can not be with them during the upcoming holidays.  But we are all so thankful for our Lord or allowing us the opportunity to love these precious little ones.  Please during this time of waiting for a court date, please pray.  Please also pray they both stay well till we bring them home.  God bless

Sunday, November 4, 2012

He's my Brother

I hated to say goodbye.

Each day I remember how I held you to my heart and I miss you so much each day.

And I promise you I would return.
There will be days you will have many questions and I want you to know I will be there to  answer each one of them.

We will grow up together and share many good times.

And I will be there to watch over you as you play

I will make you giggle and laugh.

Even on days you are sad.

I will be there to make you smile.
I will always be your brother even when I am away.

When I told you I had to leave you were upset.

And I am praying these days will pass by quickly.

He's my brother, Love Patrick

I miss my little brother and even though we are not together today you are always in my heart. I am counting each and every minute like the beat that comes from my heart. You will forever be my little brother even when we are apart.

National Orphan Sunday

How could you not fall in love with this little face?

There are over 143 MILLION ORPHANS in our World.

You wonder why these children have to wait and wait.
And no-one seems to care or hears their little cries.

This little girl, out of 143 MILLIONS HOMELESS ORPHANS was chosen.

She has a family who loves her and she will be coming home soon.
This little precious child will soon be our little daughter.
Do you have room in your heart for a little one?
Can you make a child smile each morning knowing they have someone who loves them? 
Then why wait, adopt and stop the cycle of children without homes.   

Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Old Adoption Blog

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Please remember to follow this new Blog for all current updates on Braska and Zack's Adoption.

A New Beginning in our Journey in Bringing our Children Home

So upset when I found out our Adoption Blog had been hacked into and we were unable to make any updates on our children.  But with all of this frustration I decided to recreate not just a blog of Part Two of our Adoption Journey but a whole new beginning in bringing our children home.  The first photo I am adding to our new blog is the last photo I took of Patrick and our littlest boy Zack soon to be named Jake.
As our son Patrick holds his little brother both children are crying. So hard to separate these two boys.  Knowing that there will be several months between these two trips some days it is so heart breaking.  This one tiny boy weighs just under 17 pounds and has the kindest little heart.  An innocent child of our Lord and needs a family and a home.  He needs parents to hold and rock him during his illness. As he lays in a tiny crib much of his days involve rocking back and forward and he looks at the ceiling above.  Beside him there are 3 other cribs and these children also lay alone in their beds rocking back and forward. Seldom are they held and comforted when they are in pain and cry.  Their cries are soft and many times ignored. I ask myself and I ask you is this the way a child should live his life in a bed. While we prepare for the holidays Zack and his sister will wait for us to come bring them home.  But to do this we need everyone's prayers and help.

This Month is National Adoption Month.
During this month I ask that you sponsor a family or a child waiting for a home.
There are many agencies with waiting children and many of these children like Patrick and Zack who wait.
Patrick was also an orphan, he laid dying in a bed beside 3 other little girls whom died. Patrick was the only
child who survived and lived through many days of rocking in his bed. At age 2 years he weighed under 8 pounds and skin so fragile and filled with MRSA.  Around his mouth the flesh had been eaten away and flies had laid their eggs.  His body was fragile and many bones had been broken.  Why did this happen to this boy? Did Patrick like many other children deserve to be treated like trash? 

As I held my son Patrick I knew in my heart he was our child.  And like his little brother Zack I promised him I would find away to bring him home.  In prayer I ask our Lord for the guidance to make it happen. I will not give up on these two children and we will bring them home.  Our Christmas is these two children.  There is no gift or treasure greater than a child of God.  A child is a blessing and not a mistake or a product to be discarded aside like trash. Please visit Reeces Rainbow and view the many children waiting maybe your son or daughter is waiting.  Maybe their is a child you wish to sponsor or adopt?   Instead of gifts this year like our family try helping a family like ours bring their children home.  Both Gary and I cherish our children and have been very bless to been able to adopt.  Please again I ask you share our blog and also you can donate directly on our site through our PAYPAL ACCOUNT LINK attached.

God bless and may these new blog bring the miracles and prayers we need to bring our children home.