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Friday, March 8, 2013

13 Days & Who's counting???

With just thirteen days left we have been busy-busy.

This weekend we are going try and locally fundraise to  raise a few extra dollars
so we can purchase some items for the little ones while there.
We just created a Donate Button just for our Duffle Bags.
By clicking on the Donate Button you can donate to sponsor one bag or part of a bag.
Each Duffle Bag cost $100 a piece to fly through United Airlines.
** Please I ask if you donate towards the Duffle Bags use our Donate Button on the corner of our Blog.
Every dollar is appreciate and will be used towards transporting these Duffle's. 

All other donations you can donate direct to our Children's Adoption Fund on Reeces Rainbow.
We still have medical exams and final travel expenses during our stay.
Much of this week involved medical appointments and children at home being ill.
Our little grandson Christian has been really ill.  So please I ask everyone to please keep Christian in your prayers and also his mother Samantha and her little unborn son Kayden.
Makayla is still under doctor's care and we will have a complete work up once we return from BG as well as the new little ones Genie-Beane & Jake. With all of these sweeties we are blessed in LOVE.


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