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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Four more days :O))) whoaaa

We are ready-ready and praying these next couple of days pass us quickly. Tuesday morning we will wake up and head to the airport to check our bags in early.  Once this is out of the way we can stop off and get us a quick bite to eat before going through security. Our flight will leave at 1:27pm and will arrive the following day at 1:20 pm Wednesday. I have checked and double checked each bag and also weighed them all to ensure we are not over in weight. Even a pound can make a difference. Praying that we are able to bring our stroller without any additional fees. We have not raised any funds for our duffle bags so we will have to leave these behind unless we are able to raise the additional funds to bring them.

Earlier in the week we received an email to upgrade our hotel room to a much larger room and also save $6.00 per day.  This $6.00 will also help in our food budget :O) times by 10 days a big savings.  Once we are there we will need to purchase 2 car seats to travel with the kids. Bulgaria has now finally passed a law that all children are required to be in a car seat. Since we will need one for our return flight we will purchase 2 there in Sofia or Razgard and also  2 single baby strollers. 

At the hotel we will be staying at HOTEL LES there is a large park, swing sets and a nice playground so the first day they are out we are able to play with them and they can feel comfortable before our drive back to Sofia. That Saturday we will drive back to our hotel and have dinner with several other adopting families.  There is a total of 8 families some also picking up their children and some visiting their children for the first time.  I am looking forward to finding meeting the faces I have been chatting with this pass year. :O))

I know once again I have over packed way to many clothes for the children.  Trying to make sure we have enough clothing.  But with the diapers we are going buy them while in Sofia at the grocery shops. Again we are trying to prevent from packing another bag.  Each additional bag will cost $100 each and buying them there we can also keep from having to pack them.

My daughter Samantha is due on April 16th and her doctor schedule her C-section for April 9th.  Little Kayden during last visit was transverse position and his placenta right over the top of her cervix. So praying she does not have any more early labor signs.  Each week she has a visit with her doctor and this last one her blood pressure high as well as her sugar levels. So pray while we are away Samantha and Little Kayden do well.  My biggest worry when I leave.

Trying to make sure everything is in order.  Preparing Chrissie so when we leave she is not upset. Last time she cried while I was away. Just a momma's girl :O))) Makayla's school hours have been cut down to 3 hours so she will be able to help with Chrissie and keep her company and Skype us when we are on during their day hours. Amazing how we can see our family being on the other side of the world and also during dinner time chat as they eat. Almost like being at home.

Once I am in Sofia I will post photos of our hotel and also a day to day in posts. 
Again just 4 more days :O))))))))))) whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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