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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Flying and tickets

With the tickets now purchased and on a week and a few days left we will be on our way to Bulgaria.
Our GOTCHA DAY IS  MARCH 22ND.  I would break this down in hours or minutes but it is hard enough just counting these couple of days. We decide to make an travel chart for Chrissie and Christian for how many days are left till we travel but also how many days till we return home with Jake and Genie-beane.
Nineteen months will have passed by the time we have our final pick up. There has not been one day since the beginning of our adoption I have not worried about them both or missed them. I love these little tappers.

Honestly this is where I get all my grey hairs this little group.
Their orphanage is one of the nicer orphanages and the caregivers are all wonderful and caring. But still I worry about their health and them daily.  They now know that a family is coming for them and I imagine they are asking questions.  In a prior visit and through my friends Jamie and Lori B. I have sent a photo books and gifts to them. But still it is not the same as being able to see them regularly as we had during our visits.  I miss being able to talk and hold them. So much I wish I could have done with them.  Just being able to take them to get them passport photos it was nicer.  Daily they stay in the orphanage and only go out during trips to the hospital for medical care.  Sad knowing they only get to see outside the walls of their orphanage is when a doctor is running tests on them. So I pray when we pick them up they do not think it will be a medical visit.  Our pickup day is March Friday the 22nd and on the following Monday they will visit the Medical Clinic for their Exit Exam in Sofia.  With prior medical exam with Chrissie this took less than 30 minutes and that same day we also went to the Passport Office to obtain their Passport's home.

Camren and Devin "The Isley' Brothers"
Our sweetie-pie Christian-Keith
Our grandson Camren  & this grandchild will be the death of me.
We are arriving a few days early so we can prepare everything so when we pick them up Friday and purchase what foods they may need and supplies.  We will purchase them both a new car seat and two strollers if they do not allow us to bring the stroller we have from home. I refuse to pay $100 to bring a stroller when I can purchase a stroller there for them for much less. Our hotel will arrange to have to small baby cots for them to both sleep in. I had went ahead and booked a hotel room prior to us departing.  This way I know the room size and the cost. I also will have it paid for upfront and all I have to do when departing is to pay for meals in hotel.  Booking through a website we can receive 15% off all our meals and stay 10 days for the price of 5 if booked when arriving.  We were also able to upgrade to a much larger room for the same price as a small double room. The perks of prior traveling to the same hotel. Our attorney booked our hotel in Razgard Bulgaria and we also receive 15% off our meals while staying over night.  We will travel out early Friday morning arrive at the orphanage and then check in our rooms.  I kept the same hotel room at the Budapest so we did not have to bring all our luggage.  I have 2 carry on bags packed just for this night and also if our luggage should be lost we are also covered.  With Chrissie's adoption they lost all our bags and we had to run out and buy things for us and her. And the following day travel to pick her up. Things in the Mall there are very high verses the open markets on the streets or small shops.  Be careful and learn the currency and how to convert funds in your head.  All transactions of exchanging funds do this at a bank. Never-never on the streets.  Also have the hotel staff book any and all taxis services for you while there.  Whether it is OK Taxis of not please be careful if you decide to just jump into a cab.   We left in a cab from Budapest but we were thinking ti would be okay to take one that looked the same an OK Cab back.WRONG.. It is better to ask hotel because this one cab driver wanted to charge us 25 levas instead of the 5 we paid just getting there.  Trying to make a few $$ on us thinking we would not know.  I gave him $10 and told him bye... So drove off.

One reason why Gary and I do not go out on Friday Night or anynights. Baby sitting:O)
Thinsg I wish I have known and love to share with others.
  Okay food at Budapest and in Bulgaria I am going cover in a post and also day by day.
I will also in detail go over packing.
Booking a ticket and what to do in an airport when coming back with your child.
And also a little of everything I wish I had known before traveling to BG.
Every little thing helps when traveling and I love to learn from others also.
Ziplock bags and reusable shopping bags a must there.
Carry a coin purse for smaller coins because you will need one.
When convert dollars to levas get several smaller ones for tips and small purchases.
I use to carry a calculator but my math is good in converting dollars to levas in my head.
When I leave I check the current exchange rate and then I can figure out what an item is prior to purchase.
When I shop I add everything on a calculator so I can compare it to the reigister to have the funds out before
I check out.
Large purchases in stores I use a Debt Card so I have record also of what I purchased for our adoption.
Our sweet girls
I keep every receipt in a ziplock bag and record each purchase in a small book I bring.
Suggestion that you keep a journey of everywhere you go and also carry with a small map where ever you go. Keep with you a business card of the hotel where you are staying.

My son and granddaughter Kaitlyn 6 months apart in age.
I have travel during my entire life and I can not say just how many countries I have been to and how long.
Katilyn my first and only granddaughter,Devin & Camren
While growing up with a family from England, Ireland and the US we have been to most of all Western Europe and Eastern Europe.  A few times in the middle East but of all places I love the US the most.  Growing in England as a child I love the day to day life of the country side. Open markets and crisp air much like Bulgaria country.  I found that each place I have been there is so much beauty and also everywhere there has not been anyone one person I have not liked. Patrick my son seems to find a friend everywhere he goes. And during each of my trips I love his company. He is amazing and a very loving son. Yes I have been very blessed with sweet children.  Now I am a mother of just 11 children :O))) Yes 11 beautiful loving children and also I have 12 grandchildren and ONE ON THE WAY ANYTIME :O)) our littlest Kayden Wayne.

And yes there is our Little Chrissie :O)))

Kayden is due on the 9 of April and he will delivered on the first of April. So yes we are cutting our travels very close to his birth.  So praying that little Kayden waits till his grandma is home.   So much to be thankful for..

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