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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We are now down to our last final weeks to travel and through out this last 18 months I have been collecting donations for the little ones that will remain.  I have packed tightly 3 large Duffle bags full of donations for the children and also some things for the caregivers.  Each bag will cost $100.00 checked in through United Airlines and I can send you a receipt for the Duffle Bag that you sponsor and this can be used as a donation. As many people know these children receive very little and much of these donations are medical supplies and diapers. 

Our trip has been schedule for us to depart on March 19th and arrive March 20th.  Our Gotcha Day will be on March 22nd. During the time between we will be visiting with friends we met in Bulgaria. Depending on the internet I can not promise immediate posting of our days.  But I know I will be able to share photos of the children each day.

After having to readjust our budget once again funds will be tight during our trip so please all donated funds please donate on our Paypal Button.  While we are there all donations to our Button we will use for our stay and also purchasing a few extra things for the children's orphanage.

Again I want to thank each and everyone of you that has helped our family during this last 18 months.
May the next two weeks go quickly so I can hold our babies in my arms..
God bless and sending my love to all...
Denise Peddington Davis

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