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Monday, March 4, 2013


Well between all the sniffling, sore throat & headache still trying to make sense of our airline travels. Good news we have tickets to make it to Bulgaria now the part of just coming home with a ticket for the kids. ;'o( why does everything have to seem so darn difficult.  After careful planning on checking flights all most every other day in fares, flights etc.  It seems that the return flights to Shreveport are all booked.  Next stop will be we will fly into Houston and then drive several hours back home. Hard enough with a long flight but now also we many long forward to a very long drive. At least it will be in the evening and the kids will probably sleep on the way home.  Just having to go through Customs and Immigrations this will delay us also another hour of waiting. I just want to bring them both home that is all I want at this moment.  And then Airline fees have went up.. I can not win it seems.  First we will purchase our tickets and then we will worry about the  hotels.
Not a lot we can do but secure what tickets we can.  So we will be departing on March 19th and then returning home during Easter..  So please I ask you pray for our travels and our journey.  May our little ones be healthy and happy to see us. 

At this moment Gary and I are the sick ones. Not from getting sick off the kids it is this weather we are having here. HOT COLD HOT COLD when will we just have a little normal or regular weather. This way our bodies can adjust and maybe actually be able to breathed.  Sniffles and runny noses. Nothing like seeing a Grandma and Grandpa sniffling and coughing their lungs out. And then a dozen or so Grandkids running all around wild.

Hard to believe yes in two weeks we will be boarding our flight :O))
This long journey in bringing our babies home is real.
Pinch me now I say each day in JOY..
I have been so thankful for each and every person along the way who has helped us.
If I only knew how to individual thank each person I would.
But I want you to know from my heart we are thankful.
Not just thankful with your kind support but your support and love.
Our Lord as kind as he is he has shown me true friends and true love from others.
I am also wanting to say from my heart thank you from our babies in Bulgaria.
Both of these children will be reminded each day of their young lives they were loved by many.
Again I thank you from my heart...
God Bless and please continue to pray as we end the adoption journey and the start of our babies new lives.
Much Love
Denise Peddington Davis

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