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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Budget and Rebudget when will it end?

It seems as careful as we plan it is always something.  Finding tickets to bring these two children home have been so stressful.  Getting there is okay but coming back another problems and now the rate for our children's airline tickets have more than tripled. Friday we were quoted per ticket $1900 for each child when originally it would be about $600 from GR. We have been checking other travel agencies and on Monday pray we are able to find one in our budget.  So now it seems we will be using the funds set aside for hotels for airline.  Currently we have to book our Airline tickets or we can not be scheduled to travel.  So when the time comes for travel we pray we have the remaining funds for hotels.  I know it will all work out and our Lord has been so kind during our adoption to helping us over this mountain of worries.  It is just so upsetting we have been working with travel agents and agencies through out our adoption and now it seems the rates keep going up.  If there was away I would just swim there to be with them and honestly I just want our babies home.  I am so tired of all the worries, tears and time of waiting. There has not been a day I have not thought of either of them or miss them both.  Please pray for us during these last weeks of waiting. Also share our blog to help raise now hotel and travel funds. With each day my prayers are getting stronger and stronger and I pray these days pass quickly. Please if you donate I ask you use our Donate Buttons so we can use these funds during our travels.  These funds will be used towards hotel and travel funds.. God Bless and thank you for praying and thinking of our children as the days get closer to picking them both up.

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